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What is an Ultra Triathlon?

Created in the 80’s, the ultra triathlon is a type of triathlon that is practiced over multiple distances of the Ironman. An ultra-triathlon is therefore 2, 3, 5 or 10 times the distance of an Ironman.

The “Bretzel Ultra Tri”

The Bretzel Ultra triathlon, the “BUT”, is the unmissable event for long distance enthusiasts in France. The “Bretzel Ultra Trialthlon” offers numerous events:

Ultra triathlon events

The Bretzel Ultra Tri will host four ultra triathlon competitions: the double (solo and relay), triple, quintuple and 6x combined.

Endurance events (Running)

In addition to these world cup events, other challenges are planned: the 5 marathons in 5 days challenge and the 24H Run.

We are fortunate to welcome more than a hundred high-level athletes, from all over the world, to take up these extraordinary sporting challenges. The ultra triathlon of France takes place every year in Colmar in the heart of the “Waldeslust”. The triathletes start their events at the nautical stadium of Colmar, before joining the cycling and running loops.