Become a partner

Gain visibility, promote your products or your know-how, generate new customer contacts, so many opportunities for your company to get involved in the VIP adventure of the Bretzel Ultra Tri!

As a company, participating in the VIP experience of the Bretzel Ultra Tri is an opportunity to communicate and increase your visibility in another way. As a partner, the Bretzel Team will offer you a custom-made communication campaign, before and during the event.

In a completely saturated advertising market, the Bretzel Team offers you a complete and innovative communication support. Becoming a “VIP partner” is more than just a sponsorship contract! By becoming a “VIP partner”, you can reward your customers and employees with a privileged experience at the event, while taking advantage of a platform to gain visibility. The BUT team will provide you with all the necessary communication tools to make the most of the exposure offered by such an event.