Bretzel parking

The organization has set up several parking lots around the Bretzel village. Each parking lot has a specific purpose. In order to guarantee the smooth running of the event, please respect these indications.

Parking P1 – Short term | Departure Bretzel Shuttles

  • This parking lot is shared with the fencing and tennis clubs.
  • It is reserved for the BUT organization and spectators.
  • It will also be used to unload your equipment for your camping or your assistance tent (parking P3, P4 or P5 after your unloading)
  • It can also be used to unload your groceries, or if you park for a short time.

It is also the place to take the Bretzel Shuttles

Parking P2 – Camping car

  • It is reserved for motorhomes and vans.
  • Cars are not allowed.
  • Electricity available for motorhomes, as well as for camping and assistance tents.
  • You are numerous, you will have to share the space and tighten up a little.
  • The campers will leave the bike area at the end of the event for safety reasons.
  • To enter the P2, you will be guided because the quintuple will already be gone and it is necessary to respect the safety of the bikes.

Parking P3 – Long Term | Priority to Quintuple athletes

  • It will be filled in priority by the quintuples athletes, then the other distances.
  • It will be difficult to get out of this parking lot before the end of the event.

Parking P4 – Long term

  • It will be filled in priority by the triple, double, marathons and 24h atheltes
  • It will be possible to get out, but it is not recommended.

Parking P5 – Short term

  • Free parking for 6 cars