Race course

The BUT routes

Discover the course of the Bretzel Ultra Triathlon. After the swim at the “Stade Nautique de Colmar”, the athletes will start on a 8.75 km bike loop before finishing their event on a 1.280 km running loop in the heart of the Waldeslust!


The events will take place at “the Stade Nautique de Colmar” in an outdoor pool of 50m.

When you get out of the water, you will change in the changing rooms of the swimming pool, then you will go to join the Bretzel Village by the transition to the bike (red on the map) and with a 1st partial turn of the course, that is to say a total of 11,25 kms to join the Bretzel Village a first time

The water temperature will be lowered to 25 degrees in order to swim in wetsuits in comfort and safety. The filtration of the pool will be stopped during the event to avoid differences in “counter-current” in the swimming lines.


The bike section is a flat 8.752 km bike loop through forest and vineyards in the heart of the Waldeslust. On the day of the race the road will be closed to cars between the timing line and the first bridge of the bike course. The whole course (including the 2 chicane turns) is cleaned.

Discover the course in video:


The run is done on a loop of 1,330 kms flat. It consists of a part in the forest and a round trip in the middle of the stands between the vineyards and the fencing room with the sanitary facilities. The whole course will be lit at night by our installations.

The course is closed to traffic at the Bretzel Village and the running course. Only the Bretzel Village and the Run course are lit. The village of the assistance teams is in the same place for the bike and the run (no displacement of the teams).

The course is the same for all events (marathons, 24h run, VIP races and ultra triathlon).

The CAP course in video: